Using Evergreen Trees For Year Round Color

Evergreen trees hold their foliage throughout the entire year and are the ideal element that holds interest to the garden year round. And they are everywhere!

During the winter we all crave the color “green” when the long, gray winter months won’t leave.

Especially when our other favorites are bare to the bone. Nothing more beautiful on a white snowy day to see than an evergreen covered in white snow.

Evergreens can be broken into two groups based upon their leaves.

Needle Leaved Evergreens

  • Pines
  • Firs
  • Hemlocks
  • Yew
  • Junipers
  • Arborvitae

Broadleaf evergreens

  • Rhododendrons
  • Boxwood
  • Pacific Dogwood
  • Red Alder

Picea Pungens Glauca - Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Landscaping Ideas

There are a lot of great uses for evergreens and it is this wide range of applications that keeps this tree popular. Planting ideas to consider:

Taxodium Gold Fall - Johnson Brothers Greenhouses
  • Privacy hedges - Create a “living hedge by combining a variety of different shaped and sized evergreens.

    Use both thin and broadleaf evergreens, as well as different colors to create a hedge in “living color”.

    Just make sure to pick varieties that require the same soil type and watering needs.
  • Accent tree – If you are looking to add color and character to your landscape – evergreens fit the bill. If its blue you crave – try planting the Sapphire Cypress or Skyrocket Juniper. They are also ideal for smaller spots.
  • Add some elegance - There are so many stately and beautiful evergreens to use when trying to make a dignified statement in your garden. Try the Emerald Green or Thuga Green Giant. Tall and noble, they are sure to please.
  • Backdrops – Evergreens make beautiful backdrops for your smaller flowering plants. Everything looks prettier when you add a nice green background to your gardening canvas.

Planting Tips

Rhod Blue Diamond - Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Like any plant, soil condition is imperative. When planting evergreens, make sure your soil condition matches the tree you choose.

For example, Rhododendrons need a sandy, more acidic soil that stays moist to survive.

Other trees can practically dry out without any harm at all.

If in doubt, talk to our professional nurserymen, they will know.More planting basics:

  • Most evergreens prefer full sun; others enjoy partial shade.
  • In addition to soil, consider future space and site conditions, as well as weather factors.
  • Always mulch around your plants, just take care to keep a few inches from the trunk. This helps protect against rodents and other issues.
  • Most evergreens benefit from supplemental water during dry, warm or windy periods from November to March.

Evergreen Trees – The Fabulous Five

Pinus Mugo Pumilo - Johnson Brothers Greenhouses

Evergreens are saviors in winter, deserving of our care. Their foliage brightens winter landscapes and affords windbreaks that save us money on our fuel bills.

Although there are hundreds to pick from, consider these fabulous five when adding evergreens to your landscape:

  • Weeping White Pine – This graceful tree looks like a waterfall of beautiful blue-green needles. It's especially effective grown over a sturdy arbor or other structure to create a curtain effect.
  • Dwarf Blue Spruce – Loved for its beautiful silvery blue color, dwarf blue spruce is a good choice for smaller-space landscapes. Many selections reach no more than 8 feet tall and wide.
  • Contorted White Pine – With twisted branches and needles, this unique pine is a great addition to the landscape and sure to get the oohs and ahhhs from your neighbors. It only grows to 10 feet tall and wide at maturity.
  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce – A favorite for its dense growth, small needles, and nearly perfect cone-shape habit, dwarf Alberta spruce is widely and easily grown.
  • Mugo Pine - A landscaper's dream, there are hundreds of mugo pine varieties. Most offer rich, deep green needles that stay looking great all year and provide a compact mounded habit.

If you are craving all-year foliage and elegance in your garden then make sure to plant some evergreens. They are sure to keep your spirits up over dreary winter days while other plants rest and rebuild energy for the coming spring.

Just remember to choose your evergreen trees wisely and with some forethought. Don’t make the mistake of planting them too close together or too close to the house. Really take into account the actual lot size of your yard.

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